Client's Before & After !

Client's Before & After !

Client's Before & After !

Looking Back on another transformation from this year !
Harpreet has worked with us for six months and made huge progress !
Training three to five times a week on a specific plan set out by us. The goal was to get fit for & prep for a first MMA competition.

Our Plan
Focussed on balanced nutrition with performance as a priority. HIIT Cardio to get fighting fit ! And S&C for power & endurance.

Two weekly PT sessions:

A weekly check in, testing lactate threshold to measure overall ability. & Striking Clinic session to fine tune boxing & Kickboxing techniques being trained at classes throughout the week.

We are very proud of the results that have been achieved so far ! We look forward to supporting Harpreet in his MMA competition In 2023 !

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