3 Week Transformation !

3 Week Transformation !

3 Week Transformation !

Karol had wanted to get fit & strong. After training alone at the gym for some time, wanting to improve his progress. He Booked a personal training package.
Committing to just three sessions a week. He was able to transform his body !
How the transformation Worked.

A training routine tailored to fat loss, strength & conditioning to bring about a toned, leaner definition.
Working around pre existing injuries, a limited time schedule. The plan targeted desired muscle groups each session.
A nutrition plan devised to improve weight management & fuel training sessions around day to day routine. Realistic, simple but specific & measurable to ensure best results.
Identifying the individual need for Calories in versus Calories out. Macro nutrients and Eating hours.

No supplements, No Pre workout. Just personalised nutrition.
For anyone who is prepared to work hard and follow the plan, transformation like this can be yours.

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