Valour Strike Boxing Gloves

Valour Strike Boxing Gloves

Valour Strike Boxing Gloves
  • POLISHED BOXING GLOVES: Our Boxing Gloves are designed to look fantastic & perform even better. Our men’s boxing gloves are tear resistant, durable and built to protect your hands. The stylish polished finish is super easy to clean after training and the lining is premium and gentle on the skin.
    • TRIPLE LAYERED V-IMPACT FOAM: Our Boxing glove is designed with safety in mind. The multiple layers have different densities of padding, this safely dispense the impact pressure through the glove. Creating a safer boxing glove and preventing unnecessary injuries (not found in cheap gloves).
    • HYGIENIC BREATHABLE PINHOLE PALM: Allowing your boxing gloves to breath. No matter who you are, when you train, you sweat and sweat smells especially in your boxing gloves so.
    • EASY TO USE HOOK & LOOP WRIST SUPPORT: Putting boxing mitts on alone can be difficult for anyone. Our supportive and easy to apply wrist strap makes putting on or removing the gloves easy work, and it can be done alone. The supportive wrist panel also stabilises your wrist while under strike impact, therefore reducing the risk of injury.
    • BOXING GLOVES FOR: Boxing gloves for men, boxing gloves for women, Kids Boxing Gloves, girls boxing gloves, sparring boxing gloves, mma boxing gloves, kickboxing gloves. Boxing gloves for all combat sports
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